The BikeSpike uses a combination of GPS technology to locate your bike and cellular technology to share that location in real time. This allows you to see where your bike is at any point in time via the web application or the mobile application, whether it is safely locked in the garage or flying down the street between the legs of a bike thief.

In the application, you can set up all the features that will allow you to personalize your BikeSpike, including:



You can define geographic areas, or Zones, around areas you frequent. You can then set up alerts to be sent to various people once your BikeSpike enters or leaves these areas. For example, define zones around your home and office and be notified if your bike has left that area. Parents can define boundaries and be notified when a child leaves the area on their bike.

Tamper Sensitivity

You can be notified when the BikeSpike thinks someone is tampering with your bike. But there is a difference between someone jostling your bike at a shared bike rack and someone picking up your bike when it is in your garage. You can change the sensitivity to ensure you are aware of real threats and not annoyed by false alarms.

Update Frequency

Based on your riding habits and your data plan, you can set the frequency of updates from the BikeSpike. More updates means more up to date information, but shorter battery life. You make the call.

Crash Detection

The BikeSpike can tell when there the bike has been in a situation that looks like a bike crash. You can set up alerts to go to friends and family when a crash is detected, including the location of the bike, so they can swoop in for the rescue!


Bike Profiles

If your bike gets stolen, you are going to want to give the police the most detailed description of your bike possible, but in that state of panic, you are least likely to remember them! In the BikeSpike app you can put in all the details BEFORE your bike is missing. Add photos; distinct dents and scratches; make, model, and serial numbers; license numbers; and detailed information on the parts and accessories. If your bike is ever stolen, the BikeSpike app will generate fliers, both online and for printing out, that include all the key information. You can even put in a police case number to ensure that those trying to find your ride will have the least amount of trouble helping!




Obviously you want to be notified when something happens to your bike, but other times you want to share that information with other people. You can define who of your friends and family get notified when certain things happen, like a crash detection or just the bike moving out of a predefined zone.


Depending on your needs, you can choose between 2 monthly data plans.

Choose your plan

  • Target Customer
  • 24/7 Bike Monitoring
  • Tamper Detection
  • Crash Detection / Reporting
  • Push Notifications
  • Active TrackingLow-resolution tracking of ride data
  • Live TrackingHigh-resolution tracking of ride data
  • Spectator ModeAllows unlimited access to live ride data through a custom portal


$4.99/ month
$4.99/ month
  • Urban Commuters

Pro Plan

$6.99/ month
$6.99/ month
  • Racers / Weekend Adventurers